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About TBI Help Now

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The initial TBI training program in San Diego California in 2015.

This is a service portal providing links to those healthcare providers (HCP) who have completed additional specialty training with the Millennium Health Centers, Inc, in the area of Traumatic Brain Injury. Each HCP has attended a live training program for 2 days, read the text book, Traumatic Brain Injury - A Clinical Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment , taken an 8-hour examination, and then presented two clinical cases to prove competency before being called Certified. 

Quiet Explosions - The Documentary Movie

Quiet Explosions, a documentary movie produced by Jerri Sher based upon book by Adam & Andrew Marr.

In June 2019, two-time EMMY award winning producer and director, Jerri Sher, released this incredible documentary looking at true survivors of brain trauma. We are introduced to 5 individuals with diverse backgrounds, each with a different form of trauma, each living on the edge of life, and each triumphant with Hope and a renewal of life. This film was based upon the book, Tales from the Blast Factory written by brothers Adam and Andrew Marr, both veterans.

The Foundation of our Program

Mark L. Gordon, M.D. , Founder

Mark L. Gordon MD  CEO Medical Director developer of Traumatic Brain Injury Help recovery healing

Since 2004, we have used a standard group of laboratory tests (bio-markers) that are interpreted in an individualized manner to direct a personalized treatment protocol. The results have been nothing less than impressive, as well as reproducible.  

The People We Influence


 Over 2800 individuals who previously failed conventional medical treatment of their symptoms associated with traumatic brain injury have all been able to turn their life's around. We focused on treating the Causation and not the symptoms!

The People that Influence Us!


Jerri Sher

An EMMY award winning producer and director who took the Marr Brother's book, Tales from the Blast Factor and made a positive statement about Hope and Healing from the unacceptable suffering associated with a TBI.