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Helping to resolve TBI by healing at the root cause.

Helping to resolve TBI by healing at the root cause.

Helping to resolve TBI by healing at the root cause.Helping to resolve TBI by healing at the root cause.Helping to resolve TBI by healing at the root cause.

 Our Protocol, your Improvement.

Our Philosophy in rethinking TBI

Re-Thinking Traumatic Brain Injury


    If I was to say TBI or traumatic brain injury, you would immediately think of someone who has had a significant blow to the head with loss of consciousness thereafter, awakening with an altered mental status, amnesia, or even nausea/vomiting and a headache. What if I was to tell you that loss of consciousness is not a prerequisite for developing symptoms or syndromes associated with; CTE, PTS, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, MS, ALS, Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, cognitive and overall emotional decline!  We are recognizing that minimal traumas as well as severe injuries unleash inflammatory chemicals that disrupt the brain's ability to function - the Cytokines.  These will lead to cognitive and emotional decline.  

    We as a group, have been approaching the evaluation and treatment of brain trauma related illnesses from a different paradigm.  Using a group of blood based bio-markers, we are able to identify deficient and insufficient levels that are associated with the development of neuroinflammation which is at the root cause of all the changes we observe in ones psychological, physiological, and physical functioning.  

Inflammation (Neuroinflammation)


Regardless of the actual cause of trauma - physical - emotional - chemical - the ultimate production of inflammatory chemicals (Cytokines, Chemokines) by glial cells in the brain, is the final common pathway. The longer these chemical are produced and in contact with your neurons, the greater the destruction of cells and signalling pathways that allow us to function appropriately. What we develop are changes psychological, physical, and physiological functioning. Decrease the inflammation and you change the outcome.     

Brain Hormones (Neurosteroids)


The production of brain hormones (Neurosteroids) as well as all chemical of the brain are based upon a healthy environment promoting these processes. When there is inflammation it is like trying to grow a tree in a cesspool, it ain't gonna happen. This is a Non-Neuro-Permissive Environment.  Our treatment Protocol focuses on reducing these inflammatory chemicals, supporting deficient Neurosteroids and reestablishing a Neuro-Permissive Environment so that your brain can heal.  



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